G36 - 순백의 수레국화

Inside the photo studio building.

The wedding shoot is proceeding without a hitch.
While patrolling the building, I find Gr G36 spacing out on a sofa in the hallway.

Commander What are you doing here by yourself, Gr G36?

Gr G36 Oh, it's you, Master...

Commander No need to get up to salute. It's hard to move in that outfit, right?

Gr G36 Thank you...
We're done taking photos in this location, but the next spot is in use by someone else right now.
The photographer went off to frame the scene, so I'm just waiting around.

Commander (Gr G36's acting a little strange today...)
I see.
Seems like the shoot is going pretty well so far.

Gr G36 ...I'm not too sure if it's going well or not, seeing as this is my first time doing this.

While chatting, I notice Gr G36 is clutching tightly to the edges of her fur shawl, and her fingers digging deeply into the fur.

Commander (It's as if she hasn't noticed it herself...)
Umm...Gr G36, did you encounter any issues?

Gr G36 ...

Commander Gr G36?

Gr G36 ...Ah, what was that?
Sorry, Master. I was thinking of something else...
Can you repeat your question?

Commander Run into any problems during the photo shoot?

Gr G36 M-Me?
No, no problems at all. The staff here are all very friendly.
By the way, Master...is everything in good order?

Commander Everything is fine. I just checked.

Gr G36 Then do you need assistance with anything else?
I can check for any dangerous materials nearby during the downtime between the shoots.

Commander I will notify you as soon as I come across anything unusual.
So you don't need to worry about anything else, Gr G36, and just focus on your task at hand.

Gr G36 ...Alright.

Commander (I can't shake the feeling that she looks a bit sullen... Something must be up.)

A studio staff member walks toward us.

Staff Member Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Gr G36.
We've cleaned up the room, and we're ready for you.

Gr G36 Okay, I'll be right over.
Then...please excuse me, Master.

Gr G36 stands up and reaches for the long train of the wedding dress.

Staff Member Let me help you with your veil and train.

Gr G36 Ah...okay.

She looks a little lost as she lets go of the hems of her garment.
However, her hesitation only lasted for a split second before verifying that her train is not dragging on the ground, and she walks toward the studio room at the end of the corridor.

Commander (...I don't think I can just leave it like this. I should follow her and see what's going on.)

Inside the studio room.

Photographer For the next shot, I'm going to need you on the bay window, Miss Gr G36.
Please sit on it.

Gr G36 Understood.

The windowsill in front of Gr G36 almost reaches her chest.
She places her hands onto the windowsill, preparing to lift herself up, but a staff member stops her.

Staff Member Miss Gr G36! Wait, that's very dangerous!

Gr G36 Eh? ...I'm fine, I should be able to...

Staff Member I'll find something for you to step on, please wait a moment.

Gr G36 I can climb it myself...

Staff Member We can't possibly let our client do such a dangerous and tiring thing.
We're here to serve you, after all, since you're having your photos taken here.
Here's a step stool, please use this.

Gr G36 ...Alright, thank you.

Gr G36 starts posing according to the photographer's instructions.
I wave to her as her eyes wander onto me, but she quickly looks away.

Commander (She doesn't seem very happy. Is it because I'm watching her...?)

Several minutes later.

Photographer This is no good, Miss Gr G36.
Relax a bit, and show me that cheerful expression of yours earlier this morning.

Gr G36 ...

Photographer Hm...it's not quite right.
Are you tired? Why don't we take a break.

Hearing the photographer, the staff member moves to grab the step stool.

Commander I'll help.

Staff Member Oh, thank you!

I walk over to help the staff member lift the step stool. A look of panic flashes across Gr G36's face as she sees me moving.

Gr G36 Um, you don't need to go through the trouble! I can still continue...

Commander Gr G36! Careful!

Gr G36 clearly wants to stop me, but she has forgotten that she's fairly high off the ground on the bay window.
So she loses balance and falls.
I drop the bench and rush over to catch her.

Commander Are you alright, Gr G36?

Gr G36 Sorry...Master.

The corner of her eyes look a little red.

Commander Why don't we have a seat over here?

I pull Gr G36 over to a sofa in the corner of the room.
She sits silently beside me as I quietly wait for her to sort out her emotions.

Gr G36 I'm terribly sorry for causing you so much grief, Master...

Commander Don't be, Gr G36.
You don't look too well... Can you tell me what's wrong?

Gr G36 I...

Commander Gr G36, I'm your commander, and part of my responsibility is to understand anything that goes on with my subordinates.
So you don't need to worry that you're causing me trouble.
Besides, I'm sure you'll feel better if you speak your mind.

Gr G36 Master, I don't think I'm very suitable for today's mission...

Commander Why's that?

Gr G36 I haven't done anything ever since I arrived this morning... Changing clothes, putting on makeup... Everything was done by a staff member here.
Everyone tells me I just need to stay still in my seat.
But am I really accomplishing the mission if all I do is sit?

Commander So that's what's been bothering you...
(Seeing as Gr G36 is always working on something at the base, it must be very difficult for her to hear that she doesn't need to do anything here.)

Gr G36 I feel that I should at least be helping out with something...but I don't know what.
And in the end, I ended up causing you trouble. I'm so sorry, Master...

Commander No need to apologize to me, Gr G36.
I should be the one apologizing...for not realizing that earlier.

Gr G36 Master...

Commander The results of this photo shoot will serve as publicity which will affect the company's future, and taking pictures that can draw the public eye is both an enormous and difficult task.
Therefore, the model's performance is thus crucial to accomplishing that objective.
The reason why they're taking care of everything is so that you, the star, can focus on posing for the pictures.

Gr G36 Is that so...

Commander So you must not let their efforts go to waste, Gr G36. I'm sure you can understand their intentions.
Not to mention, it's good to be waited on from time to time, don't you think?
You don't get the opportunity to wear such ceremonial clothing very often, so it'd be a shame if you're not enjoying yourself.

Gr G36 I understand now, Master.

Her face relaxes.
She stands up and walks toward the center of the set, then suddenly stops to turn around to look at me.

Gr G36 Master...thank you.
I really appreciate you being here today.

Commander I'm also very happy to be fortunate enough to see you in that dress today.

She freezes for a moment upon hearing my words.
Then, the corners of her lips curl up into a light smile.
And her tears impart a gentle appearance to the happiness in her eyes.

Seizing the moment, the photographer captures her expression with her camera.

And this beautiful scene is forever kept within my heart.