SV-98 - 하트를 꿰뚫어주지!

The work of picking out bridal outfits and shooting locations is finally done for the day.
While this operation is fundamentally a protection mission, the part of it that involves the photo shoot is a novel experience for both the Dolls and myself.

Commander Finally done with today's reports.
Huh... Is it only three o'clock?
The mission is tomorrow, but for some reason time seems to be passing really slowly...
I think I'll have a stroll around the base.

As I enter the cafe, I notice SV-98 sitting by the counter, completely engrossed in the display in front of her.

Commander Good afternoon, SV-98.
What are you doing?

SV-98 Ah, hello, Commander!
I'm just doing some research on our mission tomorrow.

Commander What are you researching?
I don't recall there being anything that requires extra information...

SV-98 We're wearing wedding dresses and taking pictures tomorrow, aren't we? That's why I'm going through some literature on photography...

Commander Well... Once we get there, all you need to do is to listen to the what the pros say.
You shouldn't need to prepare for this.

SV-98 The responsibility of taking photos does not lie solely on the photographer. The model has an important role to play too.
Therefore, I must research the most photogenic poses for tomorrow.

Commander I'm glad that you're so enthusiastic about this, but...
Have you forgotten that tomorrow's mission involves more than just taking photos?

SV-98 While the ultimate goal of the mission is to provide protection for our client...
Didn't you say that the pictures would be used in publicity ads for the company and IOP?
Since we're going to take them, then we ought to make them as effective as possible. After all, this affects our corporate image too, right?

Commander (She hardly ever argues back like this... Looks like she's really invested in the whole picture taking thing.)
Ahem, I wanted to remind you not to lose sight of the objective.

SV-98 You're worrying too much, Commander.
When have my calculations ever been in error?

Commander ...You do have a point.
Since you say so, I'll just have to look forward to your performance tomorrow.

SV-98 I won't let you down!

The next day.

I hear the faint voices of a disagreement as I pass by a photo studio room while patrolling the building.

SV-98 Are you really sure that's a good pose?
It would be better if I put my hand here, right?

Photographer Miss, just trust me.
As a professional, I want to make you look as good as possible.

I enter the room to see SV-98 standing in front of the backdrop while talking to the photographer.

Commander (SV-98 in a wedding dress is night and day compared to her normal self...)

She sees me and waves at me.

SV-98 You're here, Commander!

Commander I happen to be passing by, so I came in for a look... Did something happen?

Photographer You must be the person in charge from Griffin, right? Can you help me talk some sense into her?
She wants to do her own poses, but that won't bring out her best look.

SV-98 I did a lot of studying before we came here!
Many of my poses are straight from classic photo collections, and I'm sure the angles of my arms are perfect!

Commander ...
How about this, why don't you ask the photographer to take a shot with your favorite pose, and then do as the photographer asks for another shot?
Then we can compare them, and if the photographer's is better, then you'll have to do as she says?

SV-98 Very well. If you say so, Commander...

Ten minutes later.
SV-98 and I compare the two pictures in question.

SV-98 H-How did it end up like this?
I followed the best pose according to my data, but why do I look so awkward?
I spent so much time measuring the angles... The data should be correct...

Commander If you ask me, photography isn't something you can do with measurements alone.
The same thing can look different in different environments.

SV-98 Eh...?

Commander How should I put this...
It's just like what we normally do. We operate in different ways depending on the battlefield.

SV-98 ...Is that how it works...?

Commander Not to mention, art isn't quite the same as war.
I'm not too good at phrasing this, but being too stiff can sometimes backfire on you... It makes you appear very unnatural.

SV-98 So the reason why the photographer keeps saying “a little to the right” and such...
And she doesn't tell me exactly how far I should move is because of what you said, Commander?

Commander Probably... In any case, "what looks best" isn't like target shooting. There's no absolutes.

SV-98 looks at me with confusion in her eyes.

SV-98 This is too complicated for me, Commander.
But if I have to do whatever the photographer says...
It makes me feel uncomfortable, like I'm just an ordinary decoration for photography.

Commander Huh?
(Why would she think that?)

SV-98 While I was looking through the photo collections last night, a thought came up for some strange reason.
The women in the photos looked like they were standing in front of me in real life, looking back at me...
Seeing the expressions on their faces, I could feel how happy being able to wear a wedding dress must be for human women.
I...I want to take pictures that convey that happiness too!
I want pictures that fill me and everyone else who view those pictures with joy.

Commander I see...

SV-98 Haha... Commander, you must think my neural cloud's short-circuited.
I think it has myself...but for some reason, I just can't bring myself to delete that thought.

Commander I don't think there's anything wrong with you, SV-98.
If you feel this way, then I'm certain you'll be able to take photos that you're pleased with.

SV-98 But I don't know how.
Is it really enough to only do what the photographer asks?

Commander Display those feelings of yours before the camera.
Relax a little, don't worry if your poses are a few millimeters off...and smile if you're happy. I think that'll be enough.

SV-98 Mmm... Although I don't completely understand what you mean, I'll try to do my best!

Commander Yeah, just do your best to work with the photographer.
I'm sure they want to take the best pictures possible as well.

SV-98 I understand now, Commander.
I'll be carrying on with my mission, then!

I continue to watch SV-98's shoot in the photo studio room.

For human women, wearing a wedding dress holds a special meaning. Is it the same for Dolls too?

I don't know the answer...

But in this very moment, I see her lips curl up ever so slightly.
And her smile is a perfect bullseye.