DSR-50 - 베스트 오퍼

Before the start of the mission.

I glance around and spot Gd DSR-50 right away in the midst of the cocktail party.
She is surrounded by a large group of guests, and it seems like she is happily chatting away.

Commander Looks like she's quite enjoying this occasion.
This isn't an easy mission, so I hope nothing goes wrong...

DSR walks up to me while I'm lost in thought.

Gd DSR-50 Whatcha thinking about~?

Commander ...Ah!

Gd DSR-50 You're too focused, Commander. Did you not hear my footsteps?
It's very easy for bad people to ambush you like this, you know~

Commander Ahem, I was just a little worried.

Gd DSR-50 Worried?
Then let me guess what's worrying you...
Is it because you're jealous of me getting so close to those people?

Commander Haah!? O-Of course not!

Gd DSR-50 My, but that was a hasty response, Commander... Could it be that I hit the nail on the head?

Commander ...That's enough playing around, DSR.
I want you to proceed carefully with this mission. Don't forget about our objective.

Gd DSR-50 Understood, Commander.
It's just that your expression didn't seem quite suited to the festive atmosphere, so I wanted to help you loosen up.

Commander ...I appreciate your goodwill, DSR.
Just that if we run into this sort of thing again, try not to pick such an...intense topic.

Gd DSR-50 Order received. I'll do my best to carry it out.
Although, I still want to say that you're the only one I'm concerned about, Commander...

Commander ...

I don't know how to respond, so I remain silent. She pauses and gently laughs.

Gd DSR-50 —Your order, that is.
Our conversation is simply a cover to blend in better with the crowd. That would improve the odds of achieving our aim, am I right?

Commander Yes, just be careful.
I'll be heading off now to check on the others...

I quickly leave before DSR could respond.

During the mission.

Gd DSR-50 blocks Grizzly and Zas while EVO 3 draws off Welrod.

Zas M21 This way... Oh no.

Gd DSR-50 What a keen child you are. However...

Gd DSR-50 raises her gun and shoots the chandelier on the ceiling. The falling fixture crashes behind Zas, who was running ahead of Grizzly.

Gd DSR-50 ...What you're trying to do is useless.

Zas M21 Grizzly, get out of here!

Grizzly Are you crazy!?

Gd DSR-50 ...My, do you have so much free time to be exchanging sweet nothings?

Zas gets in front of Grizzly and exchanges fire with DSR.

After a brief word with Zas, Grizzly turns to run into the cloud of smoke and dust, vanishing without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Zas M21 What, not going to chase her?

Gd DSR-50 You won't let me, will you?
And besides...having you here to play with me is enough.


After the battle between Gd DSR-50 and Zas M21...

Gd DSR-50 I didn't think I'd run into the grand prize after changing my route for safety's sake.

UMP9 Uh oh.
I'm sorry, but would you mind pretending you never saw me?

Gd DSR-50 I'm afraid I can't do that.
Now then, hand over the jewel or become a pile of scrap...
Which of these two futures would you prefer?

UMP9 I can't accept either option.
But given the circumstances...

UMP9 looks around, but there is nothing in the corridor that could be used as cover.

UMP9 Fine fine, I surrender, come take the jewel.

Gd DSR-50 Put the jewel on the ground and leave with your gun.
Then I'll do as you wish and pretend that I never saw you.

UMP9 Hm? You're not coming over to get it?

Gd DSR-50 Thinking too much about those little tricks is bad for your health, you know~

DSR fires a shot at the ground near UMP9's feet.

UMP9 ...Uwah!

Gd DSR-50 I trust that you'll be obedient now...little miss who does not exist.

Twenty-odd minutes later.

Gd DSR-50 I see...so EVO 3 fell for your tricks.
The jewel taken from the younger sister got taken back by the elder sister.

UMP45 Yes, that's more or less what happened.
If I surrender now, will you pretend you never saw me?

Gd DSR-50 You sisters really are alike...
I've gotten my fill of fun today.
As a reward, I'll pretend I never met you.

UMP45 ...Oh?

Gd DSR-50 Are you not happy with that?
If you think it's not enough, we can enjoy a long night tonight together if you wish.

UMP45 No thanks.
Save that goodwill for the Commander.

Gd DSR-50 What a shame. You're always so stuffy.
Hurry up and leave. I won't be responsible for what happens if I change my mind.


After the battle, I find Gd DSR-50 in a nearby bar.
Sitting in a corner drinking by herself, she seems to be in quite a good mood.

Gd DSR-50 The whereabouts of the jewel, huh... I'm not too sure myself.
It was probably taken by the true phantom thieves.

Commander The true phantom thieves?

Gd DSR-50 That's my guess.
Hmmm... I wonder if I could've gotten a better reward out of you if I caught them.

Commander I see...
In any case, the mission is over now, so let me handle everything else.

Gd DSR-50 Mhm, understood.
Now then, Commander...
Since the mission is over, why don't we do something more interesting together? For instance...

Commander ...F-For instance?

Gd DSR-50 ...For instance, having a drink together to make up for the anniversary.
Now why's your face red? Hehe...were you thinking of something?

Commander Ahem...a drink's not out of the question, but I've got other things I need to do.
I'll drink with you once my work is over.

Gd DSR-50 It's a date, then.
Whether it's for tonight...or for another year of working for Griffin...
I'll be waiting for you, Commander.