Zas M21 - 화이트 퀸

On the day of the mission.
At the party venue.

I encounter Zas M21 to see she is engaged in a lively discussion with a guest.
Seeing me wave to her, she excuses herself with an apologetic look before walking over to me.

Commander Hi, having a nice chat?

Zas M21 Mhm, it's rare to meet a human with such similar tastes.

Commander I see. Speaking of which, that's a nice outfit you're wearing today.

Zas M21 Thank you. I'll look you up for a chat the next time I'm free.
Though, I want to say, there seems to be a problem with this place.

Commander Huh, what problem?

Zas M21 I noticed that there are other Griffin T-Dolls present here.

Commander Hm? And what's wrong with that?

Zas M21 What's wrong? Commander...
Those dolls are NOT FROM OUR TEAM.

Commander Oh? Is that so...? Haha...

Zas M21 Commander?

Commander Uhh, those Dolls are extra security staff...

Zas M21 Really?

Commander With the jewel being so big, it'd be safer to have more people watch over it...

Zas M21 ...That'll do, Commander.

Commander (Whew...did I pass?)

Zas M21 So in short, there's no need to worry.

Commander Er, ah, I'm going to interpret that as you're not going to waste time on unnecessary details and instead will focus all of your attention on the mission...
Is that correct?

Zas M21 Exactly. Commander, your deductive skills have progressed by leaps and bounds.

Commander Th-Thank you...
In any case, do your best for the mission. I'll leave this place to you.

Zas M21 Don't worry, Commander.

One and a half hour later.
In a corridor.

Bang bang!

Zas M21 (Coughs)
Seems like it would be wise to not get on your bad side...
(Coughs) ...Remind me to group up with you on our next mission.

Gd DSR-50 Heh, do you regret staying by yourself?

Zas M21 I don't understand what you mean.

Gd DSR-50 Really now...
Although, I just realized that you haven't been going all-out until just now.

Zas M21 That's because I've been thinking.
Thinking. Do you understand, DSR?

Gd DSR-50 Hm?

Zas M21 In short, I don't get it.
Fighting you just feels too weird.
(That's right, this entire chain of events is strange as well...)

Half an hour ago.

After the chaos caused by the fire alarm, IDW waylays SAA with the challenge of a duel.
Welrod, Grizzly, and Zas M21 quietly snatches the jewel away behind SAA's back.

Welrod (Hushed voice) Damn it! Why is it SAA!

Zas M21 Although the plan is going smoothly...something seems off.

Welrod What?

Zas M21 ...Never mind. I'm probably overthinking things.
Let's go.

Zas M21 (Judging by our situation, those Dolls I saw at the party should also be...)

Bang bang!
DSR's bullet rips through the air and nearly hits Zas M21.

Gd DSR-50 My dear, spacing out during a battle is very rude.

Zas M21 ...DSR, are you really a phantom thief?

Gd DSR-50 What else would I be? I still need to link up with EVO 3 and make off with the jewel♪

Zas M21 This makes no sense at all. You're a Griffin Doll.
The Commander ordered us to guard the jewel. Why would you all come to steal it?

Gd DSR-50 suddenly halts her attack and stares at Zas M21 with interest.
This catches Zas M21 off guard.

Gd DSR-50 I saw something written in the cafe's anonymous guestbook before. Something about how you were a surrealist, Zas.
It would seem that I misread it.
Did it actually mean "super-realist"?

Zas M21 ...I find it hard to understand the reasoning behind that book's existence.

Gd DSR-50 Kakakakaka.

Zas M21 ...Hold it. What kind of strange sound is that?

Gd DSR-50 Don't you know?
T91 taught me this special villain laugh. That's how its written in the manga books she borrows.

Zas M21 What kind of lame joke is this?

Bang bang!
DSR fires even more ferociously in Zas M21's direction.

Gd DSR-50 I thought you'd be more instinct-driven. I didn't expect you to pay so much attention to the rationality of a situation.
Then, allow me to show you the rationale behind this.
Also, you still have one more option...which is to be defeated by me♪

Zas M21 Ugh... dammit...
How...could I possibly be defeated like this!

Unable to advance toward DSR in the face of her barrage, Zas M21 has no choice but to hide behind cover.


Gd DSR-50 Next time, take more initiative in team selection!

There is a sudden crash and the corridor plunges into total darkness. The sound of gunfire stops and DSR vanishes.

Zas M21 Is that...the chandelier on the ground...
Oh no! Grizzly!

Fifteen minutes later.
Inside a storeroom.

Zas M21 holds up Grizzly from where she was lying on the ground, and shakes her vigorously.

Zas M21 Grizzly! Wake up!

The shaking does not wake Grizzly. At the same time, Zas M21 hears the faint sound of gunfire from close by.
She considers briefly upon the matter then lays Grizzly down. She steps out of the storeroom, raising her gun as she tiptoes along the wall.

Around the corner of the corridor.
Zas sees DSR, who is apparently engaging someone.

Zas M21 (Hold it, the Doll she's shooting someone I've never seen before...)
(And DSR just snatched the jewel from her.)
(Could it be...)

She decides to leave without any hesitation after staring at the unknown Doll.

...Late at night after the conclusion of the mission.

Griffin Control.

Zas M21 ...Yes, I withdrew after seeing that unfamiliar Doll, then I brought Grizzly and EVO 3 back.
Are they...awake yet?

Commander Yes, and they're fine now.
The only thing they mentioned is that they couldn't remember what happened.

Zas M21 (Quietly) That's good...
Though, there is one thing, Commander.

Commander What is it, do you have more to report?

Zas M21 All of this makes no sense.
The only thing that can explain this lack of logic...
...Is that the jewel was deliberately stolen, and the so-called "404 Phantom Thieves Brigade" doesn't actually exist. knew all about this, didn't you?

Commander (Cough cough!)

Zas M21 You're acting quite suspiciously, Commander.

Commander A-Am I? Uhm, don't mind me, the coffee's just too hot!
(I've been underestimating Zas from the start...)

Zas M21 ...And the fact that Grizzly and EVO 3 passed out really did make me worry for a while.

Commander Don't worry, they weren't hurt too bad. They're in no worse condition than coming back from a logistics mission.
However, I didn't expect you to be so concerned about the other Dolls, Zas.

Zas M21 ...What nonsense are you talking about, Commander?
If my teammates ended up dying then my experiences gained from working with them would become a waste.

Commander Don't keep overthinking things.
You need to share your concerns with them from time to time.

Zas M21 Is that so? Dolls don't need to be concerned with feelings like concern or disgust.

Commander So this is how you feel?

Zas M21 Everyone's just like a can of food to me. There's no difference whether you go to a different base, join a different echelon, or get to know different teammates.
In essence, it's just like going to a new city and buying a can of food from a convenience store. All you need is to taste a few mouthfuls and you can throw it away. It's pretty much the same wherever you go.'re the ones who decide what we do and see.

Commander Zas...

Zas M21 Sorry, I've pried too deeply into this.
Perhaps...I shouldn't have known about the truth behind the operation.

Commander No, no, I'm the one who should be apologizing...
I should have been more...

Zas M21 Sorry, the apology just now was just a formality.
But isn't it nice that humans at least have the luxury of remorse?

Commander Are you...unhappy, Zas?
Is there something I should do...

Zas M21 No, I just want to forget some things.
Forget all about those deductions and the things I shouldn't have been thinking about.

Commander Th-Then, what do you want to do?

Zas M21 What do you think, oh wise Commander?
Don't you think I need something to divert my attention?

Zas M21 shows off her fingers.

Commander What? No!

Zas M21 This is the latest brand of nail polish.

I look at Zas M21's nonchalant smile with an ache in my heart.

If I were more honest...just a little more honest...

Commander I-I don't know how to pick those things!

Zas M21 (Laughs) If you think there's something I need to know, I can find out at any time.

Commander Alright...
So...I'll go pick some out with you on a weekend?

Zas M21 I look forward to that.

I wonder if getting along with each other will become easier, whether if it's between Dolls or between the two of us...
If that were the case...

Commander By the way, which ones are you thinking of getting?

Zas M21 It's very simple. I want all of them.

I wonder...if my wallet will survive...