EVO - 백야의 별 이야기

I contact EVO 3 after my conversation with SAA.

EVO 3 Greetings, Commander.
I take it something has gone wrong with the plan if you're contacting me for no apparent reason?

Commander The operation's about to begin, so I wanted to check in on you.

EVO 3 Everything's fine over here so far.

Commander Alright, good...

EVO 3 Anything else you want me to keep in mind?

Commander Your teammates for this operation are very good at causing a ruckus, and they might not be so good at cooperating with each other...

EVO 3 Is that what you were concerned about? Don't worry about it.
I've been able to work very well with Skorpion in the past, so I doubt I'll have trouble with other people.
Also...I trust my teammates. If anything goes wrong at any step of the way, I'll do my best to make up for it.

Commander Then I'll take your word for it.
Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to hearing the good news from your team.

The mission begins.

EVO 3 blocks the path of Welrod and her group as they try to escape with the jewel.

EVO 3 I am the one you should be concerned about, not Welrod.

Welrod Urgh...EVO 3!
Why is it that even you have become an incarnation of evil!?

Zas M21 Calm down, Welrod.

Grizzly Why don't you give up what you're doing? There's three of us and only one of you.

EVO 3 Haha, you do have a point. One against three certainly isn't very favorable.
In that case, I'll be making my retreat~

Welrod Stop! Hold it right there!
I won't let a single evildoer out of my sight!

Welrod chases after EVO 3 after entrusting the jewel to Grizzly and Zas.

Welrod EVO3! Stop or I'll shoot!

EVO 3 You're just as persistent as I thought you would be, Welrod.

EVO3 stops in her tracks and turns to face Welrod.

EVO 3 But that's perfect for me.
Because now I can deal with you alone.

Welrod Do you really think you can bluff your way out, EVO 3?

EVO 3 Of course not.

Just as EVO 3 finishes her sentence, two fire doors slam down to trap Welrod between them.

EVO 3 I'm a phantom thief now, so I need to act the part.
Sorry, Welrod.

Welrod But you're clearly a Griffin Doll! Why are you doing something so wicked!?

EVO 3 Because it's my mission, Welrod.
Neither of us will walk away unscathed if we clash head-on.
I'd rather not fight you at all, so be a good girl and sit tight. Someone will be along to let you out once everything is over.

Welrod Damn it...!

EVO 3 pays no more attention to Welrod and swiftly leaves the area.
She soon meets up with her teammate.

EVO 3 What's the situation, DSR?
Do you have the jewel?

Gd DSR-50 I have it.
Take it and go. I'll handle the other nuisances.

EVO 3 I'll leave that to you, then.

EVO 3 Whew...at this point we're pretty much in the...


A shadow darts behind EVO and knocks her to the ground.

EVO 3 Urgh...
(How...did I not notice...)

??? Thank you. Your part ends here.

An unfamiliar Doll in a purple dress stands before EVO 3.

EVO 3 You're...
That face...that scar...

??? Thanks for your hard work. I'll be taking the jewel now.

EVO 3 How could I let you...

??? Have a good rest, missy from Griffin.
By the time you wake up, my face and what just happened...
Everything will be wiped from your memory.

The next day.

Griffin Control.

EVO 3 ...And that concludes my report of the mission, Commander.

Commander Alright, EVO 3.
I'll accept your report.

EVO 3 However...it's very strange.
I should have left with the jewel in hand, but I can't remember anything after meeting up with DSR...

Commander No matter. You've already done very well.

EVO 3 The jewel was stolen in the very end...after making a promise like that to you...
I sincerely apologize...

Commander EVO 3, the most important thing in this mission is not the jewel.
Seeing your performance in dealing with an unexpected situation is far more valuable to me.

EVO 3 But what about the client...

Commander The company is already handling it with the client.
So there's nothing for you to worry about... Trust me, okay?

EVO 3 How very...you of you, Commander.
Very well, I won't pry any further into this matter.

Commander Good.
Although it is quite regretful that you couldn't join in on the anniversary party, EVO 3.

EVO 3 Well...I'm satisfied enough just to be able to wear this dress while working alongside you, Commander.
If we're just talking about a celebration, then we still have next year and many other occasions.

Commander Then I'll be counting on you for another year, EVO 3.

EVO 3 No problem, Commander.
Please continue to look after me as well.