M14 - 성탄절 퍼레이드 의상

Early morning, December 25th.
After yesterday's merrymaking, most of Griffin are still slumbering in blissful dreams.
Only a few staff members in charge of daily duties are milling about the spacious base. Even T-Dolls that are known for being early risers are nowhere to be seen.

Commander Phew... It's nice to get some fresh air...
But it's freezing...

The well-decorated Christmas tree is still standing in the center of the square.
A familiar T-Doll is dragging along a large red sack, wandering around the tree.

Commander Who's there?
...M14, is that you?

Hearing me, M14 picks up her sack and runs over.

M14 Morning, Commander!

Commander What are you doing here so early?

I glance at the half-opened sack. It's full of exquisitely wrapped gift boxes.

Commander What are these?

M14 I'm collecting all the presents that got left behind last night!
Springfield said I could do it later, but I wanna give everyone a surprise when they get up in the morning!
Everyone should wake up with a present waiting by their bed on Christmas morning!

Commander I see... Thanks for going to such trouble, M14.

M14 Heheh, it's nothing! As long as everyone's happy, I'm happy too!

Commander Then let me help you.

M14 Oh, are you sure? Don't you have work, Commander?

Commander Nothing urgent for now. I guess even our superiors are still taking a break.
Let me pick up this stuff with you. I could use some exercise too.

M14 Sure! I'm even more fired up with you here, Commander!

M14 and I spread out and collect the Christmas presents scattered about the courtyard.

Commander I'm done here.

M14 So am I!

Commander I've worked up quite a sweat...
Let's take a rest by the vending machine.

M14 Roger! I'll make my way there now!

I met up with M14 in the resting area by the vending machine.

Commander Hmm... SAA cleaned up really thoroughly.

I buy the last two cans of juice, hand one over to M14, and sit down next to her.

Commander These are the only ones left. Don't know if you'll like them.

M14 I love this flavor!
I like it even more since it's a treat from you!

Commander Haha, good to hear.

M14 I seem to be in luck.
Springfield treated us to juice yesterday, then you did the same today.

Commander Oh? Springfield treated you too?

M14 Yeah! She even talked to us about the plan on Christmas Eve.

Commander The plan on Christmas Eve?

M14 She asked me if we had anything special planned for Christmas Eve.
So I told her we were planning to rob Santa Claus for fun!

I almost spit out the juice in my mouth.

Commander Cough... You told her everything just like that?

M14 Of course! It must've been important coming from Springfield, right?

So she's Springfield's "source".

Commander Okay... And?

M14 She said she'd be organizing an additional secret event to go with our plan!
But since I already knew about that, I couldn't participate in the Santa Claus robbery.

Commander ...Good thing you didn't.

If the other T-Dolls ever find out about this...M14 will have hell to pay.
She blurted out everything without even being baited into it. She's like the extreme opposite of SAA...

Commander M14, you must NEVER tell anyone about this.

M14 Hmm? Why?

Commander Uh...Because it's Springfield's surprise for everyone.
It'd ruin the fun if they know it's planned beforehand, right?

M14 But...isn't it over already?

Commander Just don't tell anyone.
That's an order.

M14 Understood! I'll obey your order!

Thank goodness she's easy to deal with. But I wonder if her cluelessness is a good thing or a bad thing...
I shake my head and finish my juice ruefully.

M14 Oh no! There are still some presents left in the banquet hall!
How could I forget about them?! But everyone's about to wake up soon. What should I do? What should I do...

Commander Don't worry. Let me take care of the banquet hall.

M14 But you've already spent enough time on this...

Commander It's not as roomy there so there won't be as many left behind.
Just go and deliver the presents, Santa.

The dejected M14 perks right up at that.

M14 Am I Santa Claus too?

Commander Of course. Whoever delivers presents to people is Santa Claus.

M14 Then let's go!
I'll leave the presents in the banquet hall to you, Commander!

Commander No problem. Off you go.

M14 makes a beeline for the T-Dolls' dormitories, then turns and waves at me.

M14 Commander! The juice was delicious, thank you!

I wave back, and watch as her jolly figure disappears down the road.