SVD - 겨울 선녀

The Christmas ball went on late into the night.
Most exhausted T-Dolls have taken their leave, and only a handful of energetic ones are left chitchatting in groups.
I'm also feeling a bit worn out after a whole day of hard work, a hearty meal, and a few drinks in my system.

Commander Guess it's bedtime for me.

I get up and head towards the exit.
I only notice a T-Doll drinking on her own by the window just before I reach the door.

Commander SVD? There you are.
I haven't seen you the whole night. I thought you hadn't come at all.

SVD ...You're still here, Commander?
Why are you still up at this hour? What if an emergency comes up tomorrow?

Commander Haha, it's Christmas after all.
What about you? Where have you been?

SVD Routine sentry duties, of course.
We could very well suffer defeat if we let down our guard during all these festivities.

Commander ...Sentry duties?
How very like you.

Though I'm a bit doubtful, looking at SVD's Christmassy getup.
But I's best not to rat her out.

Commander What are you drinking?
I don't think I've ever seen this kind of alcohol while I was inspecting our stock.

SVD taps the plastic bottle half full of dark brown liquid proudly.

SVD This is authentic Kvas. Mosin-Nagant went to a lot of trouble to get it.
Since it's Christmas, I'll let you have a taste.

SVD takes an empty glass and pours a bit of Kvas for me.

Commander Hmm...Cough...Cough...
This is really sour and tastes a bit smoked... It's nothing like the Kvas I've had before?

SVD The kind you've had was no different than your regular sugared soda.
You should learn to appreciate authentic Kvas like this one, Commander...
Come to think of it, it's not authentic to celebrate Christmas on this day either.

Commander Haha... The Gregorian calendar is still the most widely used calendar after all.
I feel sorry about this, but I'm afraid you have to celebrate with the rest of us.

SVD Whatever. It's just a day off. It's the same on any day.

Seeing that SVD's bottle is already half empty, I grab a random bottle with a bit of red wine left inside and sit across her.

SVD Commander...are you challenging me to a drinking duel?

Commander I wouldn't dare. I hear T-Dolls from your country are all very good at drinking.

SVD Contrary to widespread rumor, we are not alcoholics.
Though it's true that I am pretty much impervious to alcohol...
You have to understand that drinking does not affect us, at least in terms of our performance in combat.

Commander Right, right. I'll remember that.

SVD If it's not for a drinking duel, why have you sat down?

Commander Drinking alone seems boring.

SVD I didn't ask you to join me.

SVD lowers her head and mutters to herself.

SVD Bozhe moy... I didn't want people to see, but got noticed by the most troublesome person...

Commander What was that?

SVD Nothing.
I was going to shoo you to bed like a responsible T-Doll, but then again it's Christmas, so I guess it won't hurt to let you relax for a bit.

SVD fills up her glass.

SVD Then let us finish off all this booze.
Such lovely drinks on a festive occasion mustn't go to waste.

Commander You're right, SVD.

I smile at her and fill my glass as well.
SVD looks out of the window.
The snowmaking machines are still on, and the small square is gradually cloaked in snow.

SVD A presumptuous question, but was that your idea?

Commander Yes. Those thingies weren't exactly easy to find in the antique market either.

SVD It was a commendable idea.
It would be a pity if there was no snow on Christmas Eve.

SVD raises her glass to me.

SVD Merry Christmas, Commander.

Commander Merry Christmas, SVD.

And thus SVD and I concluded Christmas Eve with a sharp clink of our glasses.