WA2000 - 겨울날 그대를 기다리며

Griffin base.

Commander Decorations, presents, venue preparations... All checked.
Alright, next on the list is food and beverages.

Outside the wine cellar, I run into WA2000,
Who, according to Springfield's arrangement, is in charge of beverages for this event.

WA2000 What are you doing here, Commander?

Commander Springfield asked me to check the prep work on the resources needed for Christmas.

WA2000 That's hardly necessary...
My preparation is naturally impeccable!

Commander I believe you, of course, but I still need to do what has to be done.
Just think of it as a routine inspection and let me take a look.

WA2000 V-Very well.
No sneaking drinks even for you, Commander!

Commander ...For some reason, WA seems a bit strange today.

Commander So I'm nothing but an alcoholic to you...

WA2000 ...No! It's just a reminder!
A-Anyway, get to work already! I've still got things to do.

I check the purchased beverages in the cellar according to the stock list and quickly notice a mismatch.

Commander WA, I just checked the list. We seem to be missing five bottles of champagne.

WA2000 Oh, that...I broke them by accident when I was moving the crates.

Commander Why didn't you tell me before?

WA2000 There's no need to report something so trivial, is there?
I was just about to head out and buy some new ones, but then you came.

Commander I see...
Sorry for keeping you from your work.

WA2000 Humph. If you get it, then move along already. I need to lock up.

Commander How about I go with you as an apology? It's not easy for you to carry five bottles of champagne on your own, is it?

WA2000 It's a piece of cake for T-Dolls.
But if you absolutely have to come...it's not like I won't let you.

Commander Then without further ado, let's be off.

WA2000 and I walk together along the street.
She's in casual dress today, looking no different than the chattering girls on the street...
If not for the enormous travel bag on her shoulders.

Commander Why are you carrying such a big bag, WA?

WA2000 We T-Dolls always carry our firearms with us even on normal occasions.
That's common sense, Commander!

Commander I know that, but your rifle isn't the only thing in that bag, is it?
These furry things are...plush toys?

WA2000 ...Don't touch them! Th-They're just ordinary presents.

Commander Alright, alright... But aren't they heavy?

WA2000 That's none of your business!
Let's hurry and buy what we need to buy. If we can't make it, it'll be entirely your fault when we get scolded by Springfield!

Commander Okay, okay. Milady's word is my command.

WA2000 ...Humph.

WA2000 and I arrive at the alcohol section of the supermarket. We put the champagne into our cart.
Just as we're about to check out, WA2000 stops at the wine shelves.

Commander What is it, WA? Have we forgotten something?

WA2000 ...Glühwein.
We drink this at Christmas where I'm from.

Commander Really? Then here.

I put the bottle that WA has been staring at into our cart.

WA2000 But it's not on the stock list, Commander.

Commander I just want to try it.
Mind sharing it with me tonight?

WA2000 Gosh... If you want to try it so much...
I guess it doesn't hurt to have a drink with you.

WA turns away and pushes the cart toward the checkout section.
She might have agreed a bit grudgingly, but I'm sure I saw a smile.

Back in the cellar at Griffin base.
WA picks up the bottle of Glühwein that she bought with the commander and sighs.

WA2000 Goodness... Everyone is such a handful.

WA2000 recalls what happened earlier in the day...

Griffin T-Dolls Please, WA! This is a crucial part of our plan!
These are electronic pets that we modified ourselves... Take them as gifts of thanks.

Griffin T-Dolls Yeah! We beg you, WA! Just let us have five bottles!

Griffin T-Dolls And don't tell anyone!

WA2000 looks at the bag full of bribes.
She finds herself in the toughest dilemma ever.

WA2000 What to do? Should I tell Commander?
...Humph. Why should I worry about that idiot?
Surely the commander can neutralize such a tiny threat.

WA2000 stands up and puts the mulled wine carefully on the table.

WA2000 Besides, I've been toiling away the entire day...
This wine will make up for it nicely.
But...when should I open it?
...Guess I'll do it 'then'.

After the Christmas Eve celebration kicked off, the T-Dolls' little plot was naturally foiled.
The clamorous interlude has not ruined anyone's festive mood. The T-Dolls keep up the joyous buzz late into the night.

WA2000 What are you doing skulking in the corner, Commander?

WA stands before me, holding two glasses filled with dark crimson liquid.

Commander Hello, WA. I'm taking a rest here after a day of work.
Aren't you gonna drink with them?

WA2000 I've taken pity on you sitting here all alone, so I'll keep you company.
It's not like you've got anything to do at the moment, right?

WA places one of the glasses in front of me. I can immediately smell the aromatic wine.

Commander Yeah, thanks.
What's this?

WA2000 Glühwein.
...I'm just keeping my word from this morning.

WA2000 mutters and sits down next to me.

Commander Merry Christmas, WA.

I raise my glass toward WA. She purses her lips, then clinks her glass lightly against mine.

WA2000 ...Merry Christmas.

The heated wine warms me up from head to toe.
I look at WA's profile and spy a rare smile on her lips.