NTW-20 - 루돌프

The Christmas Eve celebrations are about to start. A few impatient T-Dolls have already assembled at the square where the Christmas tree is.
According to the schedule, the first part of the event features Springfield giving out presents as Santa Claus.
Although it is tradition to put Christmas presents quietly by people's beds in the middle of the night, the instant gratification of receiving gifts means more to T-Dolls.
Of course, measures have to be taken to prevent them from messing around too much.
Just as I'm thinking about how to keep Santa safe, a metal bucket falls right in front of me.

Commander Whoa!

??? Who's down there?
Oh, Commander?! Are you hurt?

Commander No, I'm fine...
But who's this...?

??? It's me, NTW-20.
What, can't recognize me just because of this flimsy disguise, Commander?

I pull myself together and finally realize it's NTW poking her head out. The two twig-like things on her head are meant to be deer antlers.

Commander Oh, it's NTW... What are you doing up there?

NTW20 Preparing for the event.
Want to come up, Commander? The ladder is at the back of this depot.

Commander Alright, I'll be right up.

I climb up to the depot's roof and find NTW cleaning up scattered objects.

NTW20 Sorry about just now, Commander.
I didn't expect anyone to be around so I didn't pay attention...

Commander Haha, it's okay.
I should've been at my office waiting for the event to begin, but something came up and I had to head out...
What are you setting up here, NTW?

NTW20 I'll be sniping from here when the event begins.
But the roof is unexpectedly cluttered so I have to empty up some space to settle down.

Commander Oh...so you're Springfield's "partner"?

NTW20 Yeah.

NTW points at her antlers.

NTW20 Springfield said according to human traditions, Santa Claus comes with reindeer or something, that's why I'm in this get-up. Is it weird?

Commander Haha, not really.
It's really festive, and it suits you.

NTW20 ...It just feels a bit awkward for a hunter to dress up as prey.
But if you say so... I guess it's fine.
In any case, we'll have a delightful hunt today.

Commander I know how much you enjoy hunting, NTW...but don't go all out today.
The main objective is just to ensure Santa can deliver presents to everyone.
Even Santa will be sad if people don't get their presents.

NTW20 Don't worry, Commander.
I know full well what my prey is today.
I shall decimate the avarice of those who plot to sabotage the festivities and seize all the presents for themselves!

Commander Good.
That reminds me, is there any Christmas present that you want, NTW?

NTW20 Oh, even the reindeer gets a present?

Commander Of course. Everyone at the base deserves a gift at Christmas.

NTW frowns and ponders for a while.

NTW20 I can't think of any present that I want.

Commander Then...what about a dream that you want to come true?

NTW20 A dream... I guess I want to see snow.

Commander See snow?

NTW20 Yeah, it never snows where I'm from.
I've trod through boundless deserts and prowled the deepest reaches of wild jungles, but I've never seen snow.
I hear the scenery is stunning when it snows. I really want to see it for myself...

Commander Yeah, a white Christmas is quite a sight to behold.

NTW20 But it's just a thought.
After all...the weather doesn't change to satisfy a hunter's caprice.

Commander Well, hard to say.
Christmas is a time when dreams come true.

NTW20 Come on, Commander.
I'm not a child...
But I'm very glad that you asked me about this.

Commander It's almost time, so I'll leave you to your work.
But...I suggest that you look forward to your Christmas present this year.

I've already consulted the weather forecast while planning for the Christmas event.
It's a sunny day today, but I still have to add some final touches to make things more festive.
It's also for the sake of granting their wishes.

After the commotion on the square died down, NTW didn't hurry to get indoors.
She sits on the rooftop and looks up at the starry sky.

NTW-20 It's such a clear day... It can't possibly snow.

NTW hops off the roof and makes her way toward the banquet hall.
A low buzz starts coming from the corner of the square. NTW pauses by the Christmas tree.

NTW20 ...What's going on? Have they left behind some sort of machinery outside?

As NTW is searching for the source of the noise by the Christmas tree, a white snowflake lands lightly on her shoulder.

NTW20 Cold! ...It's...snow?

She opens her palms to catch the snowflakes drifting down from the sky and dubiously watches as they slowly melt away.

Commander Christmas really is a time when dreams come true, isn't it?

The snowmaking machines are working perfectly.
It took a lot of effort fixing them in the last two days, but just one look at NTW's expression makes it all worth it.
NTW turns and looks at me, a content smile on her face.

NTW20 Commander...
Now I truly believe in Santa Claus.