FAL - 겨울 보급 작전

8 am, December 24th. Griffin Control.

Kalin Morning, Commander!

Commander You're early today, Kalin... A mission?

Kalin Heheh, chill!
Miss Springfield asked me to remind you about the Christmas preparations.
Do you remember what you have to do, Commander?

Commander Check the progress of the preparations and find someone to help deal with any unexpected situations.
Don't worry. As a commander, I won't slack off even during the holidays.

Kalin Haha, you seem to be in high spirits. I guess I have no reason to worry!
Then you'd better get started. The sooner you finish you work, the sooner you can enjoy this special occasion~

After receiving Springfield's event proposal last night, I've already decided on whom to pick as my bouncer.

I head towards the dorm where Squad FAL lives.

Commander Good morning, FAL.

FAL Oh, Commander... What brings you here so early in the morning?
Just telling you, my schedule is full today.
If it's some last-minute mission, give it to other squad members.

Commander But you'll be attending the ball tonight, right?

FAL Oh? So are you inviting me to be your partner?
Your taste seems to have improved immensely, Commander.
Since you're inviting me so gallantly, I'll give it a thought...

Commander Uh...Um, hold it, FAL. Listen...

I briefly explain my reason for dropping in.

FAL Quoi? Asking me to work at a time like this?
I'm so wrong about you, Commander.

Commander Only because you're the best choice.
You're good at dealing with emergencies. This job requires some improvising, so I'll rest easy if you take it.

FAL Humph, quite the silver tongue, aren't you.
Still, I'm not working for nothing... So, how are you gonna repay me?

Commander It's not an official operation, so you won't get paid...
Is it okay if I grant you a wish that's within my ability?

FAL Then come shopping with me.

Commander Is that it?

FAL Oui.
Easy, right?

Commander ...You're an absolute angel, FAL.

FAL Leave that boot-licking till we're out, Commander.
Give me a sec.

FAL turns and gets back to her dorm.

Ten minutes later.
FAL comes out in a Christmassy dress.

Commander It suits you, FAL.

FAL Bien sur, my taste is exceptional among T-Dolls.
Let's go then.

Commander ...Huh?

FAL What are you spacing out for?
We're going shopping now. The shopping list isn't gonna cross itself out.

Commander But...FAL, I can't leave NOW!

FAL What?
So you're already regretting the promise you just made?!

FAL's face darkens.

Commander I still have some preparation work to do, so...

FAL ...Is that so.
It's quite cold today. I don't feel like heading out anyway.
Talk to 57 about the mission. She just might help you out.

Commander I'm really sorry, FAL!
I'll finish my job really quickly and we'll go shopping together in the afternoon, okay?

FAL stares at me coldly.

Commander Trust me! I won't go back on my word!

FAL Fine. Don't make me wait too long.

That afternoon.
I pant heavily as I follow FAL, carrying a bunch of paper bags.

Commander H-Hold up...
FAL, you're walking too...too fast!

FAL All the shops will be closed if we don't hurry.
We're still missing one-third of the items on the list.

Commander It's already been three hours...
Can't we just take...take a rest?

FAL It's entirely your fault for messing up my plans.
You have no one but yourself to blame, so you'd better give it all you've got to make up for it.

FAL prances into the mall.

FAL Now, where should we go next...

FAL cheerfully studies the mall directory,
While I can only silently pray for this hellish shopping spree to end soon...

4 pm.
After putting everything FAL has bought into her room, I all but collapse onto the chair.

FAL So tired after just a few hours of shopping, Commander...?
Looks like you lack exercise. You should train harder.

Commander Don't compare a human's stamina to a T-Doll's.
Besides, shopping is much more exhausting than I thought...

FAL Only because you didn't enjoy it.
If you buy something for yourself, you won't feel so tired. Like so...

FAL fishes out a Christmas hat from her shopping and puts it on my head.

Commander What's this?

FAL Fitting apparel for festivities.
It's a treat for shopping with me. Accept it gratefully.

Commander Thanks, FAL...
My motivation is back again all of a sudden.

FAL Then our goal is a perfect Christmas. Let's work hard together, Commander.

Commander You'll be there at the ball tonight, right?

FAL Bien sur. I'd never miss an occasion to show off my exquisite taste.

Commander How about a dance with me?

After a brief moment of surprise, FAL's lips curl up into a small smile.

FAL C'est ma plaisir.