MG5 - 새빨간 야간경비원

Griffin Control.

MG5 A mission for me, Commander?

A festively adorned MG5 arrives at my office soon after I contacted her.
She must be very excited about Christmas, so I can't help but feel apologetic as I think about the favor I'm about to ask of her.

Commander As you know, some of the little ones get unruly whenever it's this time of the year.
So to prevent any mishap from happening on Christmas Eve, I hope you can help keep everything in order at the venue.

MG5 I see. No problem.

Commander However, you may have to actually lay a hand on those little beasts that are plotting to capture Santa Claus...

MG5 lapses into silence for a while.

MG5 That's fine, Commander.
Some people don't learn without a thorough beating. The same goes for T-Dolls.
I'd rather give them a lesson as their companion than see them make mistakes due to instability in their Neural Clouds.

MG5's rationale gives me an inexplicable sense of somberness. I feel more apologetic than ever.

Commander I'm so sorry, MG5...for making you carry out such a mission.
It's fine if you really don't want to...

MG5 It is necessary to knock some sense into misbehaving children, especially when they are companions.
You're also doing this for their own good, so there's no need to apologize.
Please trust me with this mission.

Commander Alright, MG5. I'll leave everything to you.
You won't be alone in this fight. To make sure nothing goes wrong, I've also gathered help from elsewhere.

Christmas Eve. T-Dolls gather around the Christmas Tree in the square and await Santa Claus' arrival.

Rather than mingling among the crowd, MG5 is sitting on a pile of supply boxes by the wall, keeping an eye on the situation in the square.
Santa Claus enters the square in a sleigh full of presents, and the crowd instantly becomes restless.
Amidst the mob, MG5 notices several sneaky T-Dolls.

MG5 I really don't want to fire at my companions...but they leave me no choice.

MG5 feeds an ammo belt loaded with rubber bullets into the chamber of her gun.
Several petite T-Dolls appear among the crowd cradling some champagne bottles.
T-Dolls can't get their hands on equipment like stun grenades and smoke grenades within the base, so if they want to create a commotion, they have to resort to everyday items that are within reach.

MG5 Seriously. If only they would display such computing efficiency during battles.

As they start shaking the champagne bottles and aiming them at Santa, MG5 shakes her head and mounts her machine gun.

MG5 They actually came up with such a stupid idea... Looks like that's the best their neural programs can do.
With so little consideration for others, they really do deserve a proper lesson.

Just as the T-Dolls are about to pop open the bottles, a gunshot rings throughout the square.
One of the saboteurs drop to the ground, and a hush falls over the entire square.
After a brief moment of silence, the rest of the saboteurs come to their senses and dash toward Santa's sleigh.

Griffin T-Dolls Now we have nothing to lose!

Griffin T-Dolls We can't let our comrade go down in vain!

Griffin T-Dolls For Christmas presents! Chaaaarge!

MG5 ...Have their Neural Clouds gone haywire?

MG5 pulls the trigger, and a torrent of rubber bullets spray from her weapon.
Meanwhile, gunshots can also be heard from the other end of the square. The small group of T-Dolls going for the presents are completely wiped out in no time.

FAL What a bunch of troublemakers.

MG5 So you're the help the commander mentioned, FAL.

FAL There's also the African reindeer on the rooftop.

FAL pulls up the collar of her coat.

FAL It's cold. I'm leaving the rest to you, MG5.
I'm not really dressed for heavy work today.

FAL turns and leaves.
MG5 takes a look at the T-Dolls lying haphazardly on the ground. She sighs, kneels down, and slaps them awake.

MG5 Get up. Stop lazing on the ground.

Griffin T-Dolls Oww... That hurt!

MG5 Then learn your lesson and don't do anything so stupid again.

Griffin T-Dolls But we really...want those Christmas presents.

MG5 Santa gives everyone a present she deserves.
Besides, isn't it better to share the joy with everyone than hoarding all the presents to yourselves?

Griffin T-Dolls Hmm, that kinda makes sense.
Then...can we still get a present? Will Santa be mad with us?

MG5 Santa forgives children that repent.
Go apologize to Santa, then queue up for your presents.

The T-Dolls sprawling dejectedly on the ground spring right back to life and bounce cheerfully to join the queue.
Watching them as they go, MG5 lets out a relieved sigh.

MG5 It's finally over...

Commander Nice work, MG5.

MG5 To be honest, Commander, I'm not very good with children...
G36 or Springfield would probably have done a much better job.

Commander You did well.
I would even say that you're the perfect one to deal with this.

MG5 ...What?

Commander They managed to learn a valuable lesson today all thanks to what you've done and said.
With you by their side, surely they'll come to better understand the importance of having companions in the future.

MG5 is silent for a while, but then she smiles and nods.

MG5 I hope so.
If that's the case, I would also feel more confident in having them fight solo.

Commander There, mission accomplished.
Go get your present too, MG5.

MG5 What about you, Commander?

Commander I still have some final touches to make.
See you at the banquet!

MG5 Alright.
I...We're all looking forward to having dinner with you, so please don't be too late.

Commander I'll be done very soon.
But before that, I have one more thing to ask of you, MG5.

MG5 What can I do for you?

Commander Well...
Please save me a few chicken drumsticks from those little beasts.

MG5 Pffft...

MG5 snorts in laughter.

MG5 Don't worry, Commander. I will protect your well-deserved treats with my life.