WA2000 - 고성에서의 모험


WA2000 So we have to do this event stuff on Halloween too… Is there even a point to this?
…Forget it. If I gotta do it then I gotta give it my all.
It's only a haunted house… How hard could it be…

m45 Good evening… You're dressed especially beautiful today, Miss WA2000.
I've brought the tools along with me…

WA2000 This is just a Halloween costume…

Are you sure you're fine, m45?

m45 I'm fine, but why was this location chosen for the haunted house?
This place feels…really scary…

WA2000 Hey, pay attention. We don't have much time until the event starts.
Come over here and help me adjust the values on these animatronics. We'll put them in the warehouse after.

m45 Uhm…

WA2000 What's the matter? What are you zoning out for?

m45 I don't really understand this sort of stuff…
I-I don't know what to do…at all…

WA2000 …Haaah? You don't even understand this?

m45 This sort of delicate stuff…I can't guarantee that I won't break it…


m45 Sorry, I should've told you earlier…

WA2000 Well, it's not like I can't handle it myself...
But…how could you not know this stuff…

m45 I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to these things…

WA2000 Alright… Just leave the circuitry stuff for now. I'll show you how to do it later.
You can set up the supporting frame at least, right?

m45 Yes, no problem! I'll do it now!

WA2000 (Whispers) Jeez, how could you not know how to do such a simple task…
Can we even finish setting up the haunted house in time…?

We're only building a haunted house. This is nothing…

m45 Oh no!

…m45 makes a mistake while soldering the panel.

Just leave it. I'll handle it.
Just…bring me the tools.

m45 Okay…

…m45 accidentally knocks over a stack of materials.

WA2000 How…? Even such a simple task…

At least we're almost done. It can't get any worse, right?

…The entire warehouse seems to have lost power the moment m45 turned on the switch.

How could even turning on the switch go wrong…

WA2000 …m45, you turned on this one, right?

m45 …Yes, that's right.

(Quietly) Huh? If it isn't the wrong switch, then why…?
(Unless I made a mistake while I was connecting the cables? Can't be…)
(But that should be the correct configuration… Or did I miss something while I was giving it the final check…?)

m45 Miss WA2000… What should we do? Is it hard to fix?

WA2000 This… I…
…Hmph! It obviously is no big deal! Don't get so worked up over it!
Y-You should've taken a closer look at the gauges before you turned it on!

m45 I'm sorry…

WA2000 …Don't apologize…
Let's just think of a solution to this situation.

m45 I'll go with you…

WA2000 No need. Stay here and wait for me.

m45 Stay here in the monitoring room…alone?

WA2000 We're in the middle of our base. What are you afraid of?
You're not scared, are you?

m45 I'm…probably…not…

WA2000 So are you scared or not? Give me a proper answer.

m45 Um…I'll be fine alone…

WA2000 Then hold down the fort here. I'll be back in a bit.

WA2000 …Although that's what I said to m45, I hope that the reason for the power failure isn't because I connected the cables wrong…
I don't know how I'd face her…if it ends up being my fault…

…Deep inside the haunted house.

WA2000 It's darker than I imagined without the lights in here…
…There's no such thing as ghosts…
Yup, they definitely don't exi-

Before she could finish her sentence, a shadowy figure suddenly jumps at WA2000!



WA2000 Ahem... I-It's you, Vector.

Vector Sorry, it's me.
Did I actually scare you?

WA2000 Nonsense! I-I wasn't scared at all!


WA2000 explains her intention to Vector. Then, the two of them stand there in silence. Motionless. The only source of light in the room is the flashlight in WA2000's quivering hands.

Vector Is there a problem?

WA2000 Uh, well... Oh right!
I-In case of any unexpected circumstances, I'm recruiting you!
Let's go! Come find the malfunctioning panel with me!

Vector Why do I have to come?

WA2000 I told you, it's in case of unexpected circumstances!
You see how dark it is outside. What if our enemies infiltrate us...

Vector But I'm in the middle of a mission. I can't just leave my post...

WA2000 Jeez, recovering the power supply as soon as possible is also a mission!

Vector …Miss WA, are you afraid of going alone?

WA2000 I-I'm not! It really is just in case!
Just come with me, okay? It's better to have two people in case of accidents.

Vector ...
Fine. I'm not scaring anybody anyway.
Getting electricity back on does seem to be more important...

Vector and WA2000 have made it to their destination.
WA2000 enters the room and inspects the circuits.

WA2000 There it is...
Thanks, Vector, for coming with me.

Vector Don't thank me. I'm only doing this to get the power back on quickly. I'm not trying to help you.

...With that, Vector turns and leaves.

WA2000 How troublesome and embarrassing… Whatever, let me quickly take care of this.
This connection…
Definitely burned out. We're seriously lucky that it didn't start a fire.
If I remember correctly, the maintenance toolbox is…

…Three minutes later.

WA2000 Alright, it should be good now.
You do feel more at ease with the lights fixed indeed.
…No, it's not like I'm afraid of ghosts or anything! It's just easier to gather intel with better visibility!
In any case, I just gotta head back now…
…What was that?

WA2000 Did something just…fly over me…?

Standing in front of the power supply room, WA2000 gave her cheeks a forceful pat.

WA2000 What am I thinking? It must've been some T-Doll's prank with a hologram projection!

??? Darlingggggg!
Where are you? Darlinnnnnnnggg!


WA2000 …Who's the T-Doll making these ghoulish noises?
Jeez, it's way too ghastly even for a mission like this.
Hold on…what is this…sound of chains behind me?

??? Hey, what are you doing here?


Makarov …Hey, calm down. It's me, Makarov.

WA2000 Oh, it's you... You scared the crap out of me. I almost shot you.

Makarov "I'm an elite who specializes in solo operations."
Is that not what you always say? Then what's with that reaction?

WA2000 Shut up already! I'm not scared of ghosts. I'm just vigilant against possible enemies.

Makarov I did not say you were scared of ghosts.
But you aren't...very good with supernatural things, are you, WA2000?

WA2000 Why would I be scared of ghosts? There's absolutely no way such unscientific things could exist.
Besides, I only just finished repairing the circuit. I haven't even turned the power switch back on. The haunted house doesn't have power yet, and the electronic ghosts aren't working, so what's there to be scared of?

Makarov ...
Da, that makes sense.
So...what is that behind you?

WA2000 freezes.
A few seconds later, she turns her head stiffly...


At that time, although I heard the sharp scream in the haunted house while I was searching for Gr MP5, I could not tell who it was.
But I soon found out the answer to that mystery.

...Griffin Cafe.


Commander WA2000? You came at just the right time. We're going to start the cafe event soon.
Do you want some…
What's the matter?

The T-Doll in front of me looks gloomy and frustrated.
This is very different from her usual self and I couldn't help but ask if she's okay.
Hearing my voice, she lifts her head and I could see that her eyes are a little red, as if she had just cried.

WA2000 Commander, did you hear me scream in the haunted house?

Commander (So that was WA2000… I couldn't tell at all.)
(What frightened her to the point of her voice cracking?)
Huh? No, what scream?
I didn't hear any scream. No idea at all…

WA2000 Don't pretend, Commander. Your acting is worse than a certain shrimpy T-Doll.
So you did hear it after all…

Commander Nonsense, I really didn't hear anything…

WA2000 …Whatever the case, can you please forget, right now, immediately, everything about me tonight.

Commander Humans aren't like T-Dolls, you know. There's no delete function for our memories.
There's no way for me to forget everything. Not to mention, to forget everything about you tonight, that's asking for too much.

WA2000 T-Dolls are created to be the perfect tools, and it is our duty to be faultless.
There's no point in preserving so much extraneous memory about me.
So…you don't need to be so considerate.

Commander Do you think I am wrong to do so?

WA2000 Well, I did not deny you the permission.

Commander Then I believe I am making right decision.
However, aren't you being a little bit wrong yourself?

WA2000 …What?

Commander You're taking this whole thing too seriously.
This event was supposed to be for fun, not a real mission. You just might end up believing ghosts are real if you take it too seriously.

WA2000 …Commander, you did hear me scream after all!

Commander Erm…no, I really didn't!

WA2000 You heard it, FOR SURE!

Commander I seriously didn't!
I swear to you, I only remember one thing about you during this entire event.


Commander Griffin T-Doll WA2000 completed her assigned tasks perfectly.
Both in setting up the animatronics and in completing the side mission of restoring power to the haunted house.
That's why I am very proud of her.

Commander, you…

Commander Really, that's it.

WA2000 Really…?

She turned her head away, as if in embarrassment.
Her ears seem to be a little bit red, but I cannot tell for sure under the warm lighting of the cafe.
Is she overheating?

Commander WA2000? What's wrong?

WA2000 I'm fine…
That's good.

After that exchange, we quietly enjoy a cup of milk tea together.
Boasting an appetite unlike her usual self, she wolfs down two loaves of rye bread, as if to suppress the fright she had experienced today.
Furthermore, for reasons unknown, the milk tea that should be sweet has a slight hint of a salty flavor...
WA2000 personally prepared it herself so there shouldn't have been any issues with it...
Anyways, it would be great if things can end quietly like this without any further complications...
In contrast to that unforgettable scream...