M1919A4 - 카밀라

…Halloween night.
Checkpoint 3.

The Haunted House Adventure has yet to begin, but M1919 is already at her assigned post.
Makarov is a little surprised to see M1919 here this early while passing by, and she goes over to chat.

Makarov I see I don't know you nearly well enough.

M1919A4 Eeeeek! Oh, it's you, Makarov. You gave me quite a scare.

Makarov Should a T-Doll that's masquerading as a demonic creature be scared by a simple hello?
You're here early. What are you doing?

M1919 gives her tactical tablet a wave. Makarov glances at it - it's covered in text.

Makarov Don't tell me you are studying up on vampires.

M1919A4 Heheh, bingo!

Makarov You seem to put much more effort in your characterization than the others.
And your costume...is very well done, no matter how I look at it.
I'm sure you've been bombarding Miss Springfield with questions about your outfit, da? Miss Vampire?

M1919A4 Of course!
If I'm doing this, I gotta give it my best.
Especially at an event where I can scare people with no consequences! That's once in a blue moon!

Makarov Basically you only want to scare people...
But it sure is astonishing to see a wrecking ball like you studying quietly.

M1919A4 See? You don't know me nearrrrrrrly well enough!

Makarov Seeing how seriously you are taking this, I won't spoil the fun.
Do your best. I hope Miss Carmilla will deliver a big surprise to our patrons.

M1919A4 You can look forward to it!
Speaking of which, why have you come at such a time?

The two of them continue to banter, unaware of the "surprise" to come later into the night.

…The long evening goes by in the blink of an eye.

At the Griffin Cafe after the conclusion of the Halloween event.

Commander I'm beat… Who would've thought that a relaxing, fun event like this would end up becoming so tiring…

Type64 Commander, it's me.

I receive an emergency message from Type64 just as I'm trying to catch my breath.

Commander (Anxious) Take your time. What's the matter?

Type64 M1919 is trapped in a cage. Please come over to the haunted house and save her.

Commander (Worried) What? Trapped in a cage? What's going on?

Type64 Well...
I'm not sure. M1919 might've activated some trap, or perhaps she was tossed inside by a Halloween ghost...

Commander …At the very least…our base…probably…isn't haunted.
Yup, there's no way it was a ghost…
I understand the situation now. I'll be there ASAP!

Type64 Good to hear, Commander.

…Call ended.
"The base isn't haunted."
Though that may be true, did M1919 run into someone and mistakened them for a real ghost and went to hide herself?
I couldn't help but wonder as I make my way to the haunted house.

…Haunted house.
Although the power is already restored, this venue still oozes an eerie atmosphere.

Commander Hello, are you in here, 1919...?


Commander The base isn't haunted… The base isn't haunted…


Commander Is that crying I hear…?

The sound of a girl crying emanates from the corner of a dark room.
Mustering all my courage, I head over to see what seems to be…a large metal cage.


Commander 1919, i-is that you…?

Under the faint ambient lighting, I find M1919 sitting alone in a corner of the cage, crying with her hands covering her face. Poor girl.

M1919A4 C-Commander…?

I scramble to pry the door on the cage open and carry her out.

Commander I finally found you… You nearly scared me to death…
선택 1 : Thank goodness you weren't locked in the men's washroom!
선택 2 : Thank goodness you weren't locked in the ladies' washroom!

M1919A4 (Crying) You came to save me after all, Commander…
Let's get out of here. This place is so scary… I want to go back to the dormitory…

M1919 verbalizes what I feel in my heart, but I cannot show any signs of weakness in front of this child.
Obeying her wish, I quickly lead M1919 out of the haunted house.

…Ten minutes later.
T-Doll dormitory.

Commander There's nobody here.

M1919A4 Mhm… This is fine. I wanted some space to calm myself down…

Commander Alright…
(I then inquired to find out that Gr Mk23 mistakened her for a real ghost and locked her in the cage…)

I take the opportunity to pat M1919's head.

Commander Locking you in the cage and all that, it was a complete misunderstanding!
Don't be sad 1919, I'll get Gr Mk23 to apologize to you.

M1919A4 I understand, Commander…
And truth to be told, I'm not angry at her.

Commander Huh?

M1919A4 I'm just…sad.
The opportunity to scare the Commander that I prepared so hard for has gone to waste…

Commander T-The opportunity to scare me…
Don't dwell on it. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities like that in the future.

M1919A4 (Shaking head in frustration) No more… There will be no more opportunities…

Commander Why not?

M1919A4 Because…
Because I've already…


The lights in the room go out all of a sudden.
This catches me by surprise, and just as I am about to call out to M1919…

M1919A4 Ahahahahahaha!

Commander (Surprise) What's the matter with you, 1919?

I instinctively reach out to grab her, but there is nothing there.

Commander (Anxious) Where'd you go? 1919!

The room is pitch-black, and I can't see anything, so I clumsily rush into the hallway…


It's the sound of tripped breakers again. The hallway is now also as dark as the night sky.
"The base isn't haunted."
I don't know why, but that thought popped up in my head again.
…But seriously, what is with the constant power outages here?!
And where did M1919 go?! She was just right beside me!

M1919A4 (Whisper) Ehehehe...


The creepy laugh appears beside my ear so suddenly that I almost…
This is probably the loudest I've ever screamed since joining Griffin.

M1919A4 Hehehe, Commander♪

Commander (Surprise) 1919? Where are you?

Hearing her voice behind me, I immediately turn around to see…darkness.
Suddenly, a pair of frigid little hands wrap themselves around my waist.

M1919A4 Ahahaha! Commander!
…Did I scare you?

…She really leaves me speechless.
In contrast to just a short while ago, this little vampire is now hugging my back, giggling as if she had just encountered something particularly thrilling.

M1919A4 Commander! Let's go hang out in the cafe!
It's way too dark in here.

Commander (Sighs) Too dark in here, yet you were having so much fun messing around in the dark.

M1919A4 Of course!
I originally wanted to scare you in the haunted house, but with everything that happened, I had to come up with an alternative plan!
I'm such a genius♪

Commander …Why are you so fixated on scaring me?

M1919A4 (Wink) Ehe~☆
As far as the results are concerned, this alternative plan ended up being very satisfying!♪

Commander (Bitter smile) Alright alright, you got me… I did get scared…

M1919A4 Hehe, I'm so happy to hear!
Let's go let's go! Let's go to the cafe.
Eh? You're not mad, are you...? It's Halloween so you can't be mad at me for pranking you…!

Commander Forget it. The deed's already done, so what else can I do…

M1919A4 That's right! As expected of the Commander♪

Commander In comparison to being pranked, I felt even worse when I couldn't find you in the haunted house.

M1919A4 (Pause) Really? You really worry about me this much?

Commander With Type64 informing me that you were locked up in a cage this late into the night, I'm sure anyone else in my position would be just as worried.
Keep that in mind for the future.

With that said, I flick M1919's forehead.

M1919A4 Ouch…

Commander But it seems like everything is solved now…
So can you not make me always worry so much about you?

M1919A4 Hehe, alright♪

The night of intense excitement is coming to an end.
Carrying M1919 on my back on the way to the cafe, I continue to wonder when will this child cease to make me worry about her…
I imagine it will probably be a very long time before that happens. I'm sure there will be many more headaches along the way.
Looking into the night sky, I can only softly sigh in my heart.