MK23 - 스위트 데빌

The day before Halloween. Griffin Control.

(Knock knock)

Before I can even answer the knocks on my door, a little noggin peers into my room.

Gr Mk23 Dar~ling♪
Why don't we go to the haunted house together tomorrow night?

Commander Haunted house, huh…
Now that you mention it, I suppose I should examine the result of everybody's labor.

Gr Mk23 Huh? Don't tell me you're only thinking of it as work…
We rarely get a chance for a holiday like this, and Darling doesn't even want to go on a date with me?

Commander Uh… Y-You're right… But a date on Halloween…
Well, it indeed has been a while since the last time we spent some time together. Sorry about that.

Gr Mk23 Hehe, as long as you're aware of it.
Then it's a date! I'll swing by before the event starts♪

Commander Alright alright, I'll put it into my agenda.

…The night of the date.
Griffin Control.

Gr Mk23 You even wrote it in your agenda so how could this happen!!!

Gr Mk23 stares angrily at a note on the table.

Note There seems to be a sudden power outage at the haunted house. I received a distress signal so I'm rushing over to check the situation.
Sorry Gr Mk23, the date will have to wait until the power situation is rectified.
- Sincerely, from your commander that seriously isn't trying to skip out on the date

Gr Mk23 almost crumpled the note into a ball.

Gr Mk23 I…I mean it only took me sliiiiiiightly longer than expected to put on my costume, and yet the Commander left without me!
I clearly arrived on time! The Commander clearly could've took me along!
Darling is an idiot! A big dummy!

Gr Mk23 looks at the Commander's agenda with a big red circle around today's date, and then she looks at the crumpled note in her hand, and she sighs.

Gr Mk23 I should go take a look as well…
It's probably pitch-dark there, and what if some unscrupulous T-Doll abducts Darling…
Alright, Mission Recapturing Darling is a go!

Gr Mk23 sets off for the haunted house.

…Several minutes later.

Haunted house.

Gr Mk23 cautiously tiptoes into the gates of the haunted house.
The entire place is enveloped in complete darkness, and occasionally, unidentifiable screams are heard.

Gr Mk23 This is just another night battle. P-Piece of cake…
I just need to contact Darling first.

Gr Mk23 pulls out her communicator, but there seems to be something wrong with the signal in this location.

Gr Mk23 Did the wireless interference get stronger after the power outage…?
It feels like I may end up receiving sounds that I do not want to hear at all…
Oh, Darling, where are you… Darlinnnnggg…

Gr Mk23 wailed into her communicator for what seemed to be an eternity, but the Commander did not respond.
On the other hand, the strange sounds in this place do seem to make it feel as if it's really haunted…

Gr Mk23 Darling is a big dummy… To make a girl look for you in a haunted house is not romantic at all!
Darling, where are you… Darling… Oh, Darlinnnnngggg!

??? Who's moaning like a ghost here? …Don't tell me this place is seriously haunted.

Something wooshed by Gr Mk23 in the air.

Gr Mk23 Hey! Who are you calling a ghost?
If anything, you're the ghost accusing other people of being ghosts!

Type64 So you're the demon responsible for this mess, huh?
I will exorcise you!

Gr Mk23 Who the heck are you calling a ghost when YOU'RE FLYING IN THE AIR!
You must be here to stop me from searching for my Darling!

Type64 Your Darling is in another haunted house!
May the presiders over warriors be my vanguard! Eat this!

Gr Mk23 What the heck?!
I have to hurry and find Darling. I can't waste my time here...
That's right, my smoke grenade!

Gr Mk23 throws out a smoke grenade and immediately retreats around a corner.

The dense smoke spreads out, and the visibility within the area becomes even worse. But thanks to this, there shouldn't be any more strange, flying characters showing up.

Gr Mk23 Argh… So annoying. Stop interfering with my search for Darling!

??? Hey…! Lost little lamb, who gave you the permission to set foot in my Sleeping Palace?
Serve me, and I will grant you eternal life, hehehe…!

Gr Mk23 …Ugh, what now!

Bang bang!

Gr Mk23 quickly fired at the source of the voice.

M1919A4 Huh? Eh?
What's going on? D-Don't shoot!

Bang bang!

Gr Mk23 STOP

Gr Mk23 aims at a decorative iron cage to her side and fires off several rounds.
She shoots the lock off.


Gr Mk23 dashes over to the stupefied M1919 and dexterously locks M1919's arms behind her back. Gr Mk23 then strikes the back of M1919's head with her elbow and trips M1919 over with her leg.


Carrying the incapacitated M1919 as if she is a little bat, Gr Mk23 opens up the cage and tosses M1919 inside.

Bang bang! Bang bang bang!


Fierce firepower warped the door on the cage, locking M1919 inside.

M1919A4 Why did it turn out like this…
(Whimpers) Let me out… (Gradually falls silent)

Gr Mk23 Seriously, why hasn't Darling responded to me yet?
It's like he doesn't care about me at all…

Downhearted but still holding onto a sliver of hope, Gr Mk23 continues to search for the Commander in the haunted house.

After some time, the power is restored.

Gr Mk23 Wow… There's not much difference with the lights on or off in this place…
Oh, that's right! Darling, Darling! Can you hear me? (Loudly)

Just as Gr Mk23 walks around a corner, she faintly hears a familiar voice.

Commander It's okay now.
That was also part of the event. You don't need to be afraid now…

Gnawing at her tail, Gr Mk23 secretly watches the Commander comfort Gr MP5.

Gr Mk23 It's Darling…
Seems like Gr MP5 is crying.
Forget it…I'll just head back first…

…Fifteen minutes later.
Haunted house entrance.

Commander I guess that's a wrap on this Halloween thing…
Oh. Wait a minute. Ah crap!

It wasn't until this moment that I realize that I had completely forgotten about the date with Gr Mk23.
I hastily fumble for my communicator while praying that Gr Mk23 won't be furious.

Commander Gr Mk23, Gr Mk23, it's me. Please respond if you can hear me.


Gr Mk23 Oh, Darling♪
Where are you right now?

Commander I'm at the entrance of the haunted house.
Um, I'm really sorry-

Gr Mk23 (Interrupts) Darling, do you know where I am right now?

Confused by her question, I hesitate a little.

Commander Uhm, are you asking…yourself?
Sorry, I don't know where you are right now…

There's no response from the other side of the communicator.

Commander (Panick) Hey, Gr Mk23, I'm really REALLY sorry…
I should've brought you along with me.

Gr Mk23 …I saw Darling's note.

Commander Um, that's because someone was asking for help…
I was afraid I wouldn't make it in time, so I left a note and rushed out…

Gr Mk23 That's alright, Darling, I understand everything.

Commander Ah! Really?
You're so considerate, Gr Mk23…

Gr Mk23 So do you know where I am right now?

Commander Huh? No matter how many times you ask…

Gr Mk23 I've been beside you the whole time, yet you never noticed.

I suddenly hear Gr Mk23's voice from behind me.
I turn around to see her in her costume with her hands behind her back.

Commander So these are the new clothes that I've had to wait so long to see…
Perhaps I might've needed to wait even longer.

Gr Mk23 …You're making fun of me.

Commander Of course not.
I have never seen such a cute, gentle, and considerate little devil.
I don't think I will ever pray for an angel to descend from the heavens ever again.

Gr Mk23 lightly wiggles her tail and lifts up her head.

Gr Mk23 You'd better keep praying for that angel. This little devil isn't as nice as you think she is.
In any case, you really blew it this time, Darling.
You really hurt my feelings…

Commander I'll make it up to you!

Gr Mk23 But the haunted house date is a total bust.

Commander T-Then let's go see the moonlight together right now!

Gr Mk23 No way♪
If Darling wants to make it up to me then you'll have to wait for next time♪

Commander Next time?
Do you mean the next holiday? …Wait, hold on, Gr Mk23!
Give me a hint on when is the next time!

The impish Gr Mk23 disappears into the night with a sly smile after giving the Commander an ambiguous answer.
Behind her chases the person that just made the gravest of mistakes in interacting with the female gender.
Perhaps… Perhaps with continued interactions, I can someday learn to become a person that will not hurt a girl's feelings...