WA2000 - 무도회의 쉼표

At the anniversary banquet.

The guests are chatting amongst themselves in small groups, and the T-Dolls find themselves with no choice but to interact with the humans.

They seem to have little issues with interacting with the human guests and things seem to be going well. With their guns put away, they can be easily mistakened for a normal human girl.

And it seems like they will also come across common issues that normal human girls will encounter.

Commander WA2000 is over there...

WA2000 is having a conversation with a guest.
Her brows are furrowed and she seems to be a bit annoyed.

Commander ...I'll go over and take a look.

I head over and stand within earshot of WA2000 and the guest.

WA2000 I can understand your curiosity, but this is a bit...

Guest Please, can you allow me to have a look?

WA2000 What I'm carrying isn't a valuable instrument or anything like that...
Not to mention, opening this huge case here isn't really appropriate.

In her hands is a huge violin case.
T-Dolls usually carry their weapons with them unless prohibited in special circumstances...
So it's pretty easy to deduce what's in the case.

Commander (It's going to be troublesome if the contents of her case are revealed... Guess I need to help her out.)

Commander Hello, excuse me.

WA2000 Ah, Commande-

I raise my hand and motion to WA2000 to stay quiet.

Guest You are...?

Commander I am this lady's colleague.
I'm very sorry to interrupt, but we need to leave to prepare for her performance.

Guest Oh...

Commander Thank you for your understanding. We'll be taking our leave now.

I pull WA2000 out of the banquet hall.

(In the corridor outside)

Commander We're in the clear now, WA2000.
We can sneak back inside after a bit.

WA2000 I could've handled it myself...

Commander I know you could've.
But still, it's very difficult for T-Dolls to refuse a human in that sort of situation, right?

WA2000 ...That person was really weird. He had to look inside my case no matter what.
I wouldn't have used a violin case if I had known that this sort of misunderstanding could occur.

Commander I think that guest was just looking for an excuse to talk to you.

WA2000 Why?

Commander Did you tell him you're a T-Doll?

WA2000 I didn't get a chance to...

Commander The guest must've thought you're a human.

WA2000 Huuuh?

Commander It's hard to tell the difference without being explicitly told, right?
Plus, going by human standards...you look very outstanding.

WA2000 W-what!
Saying that all of a sudden... Of course I'm outstanding as a T-Doll!
But being seen by humans as... That sort of thing doesn't matter to me...!

Commander Okay, okay. How about we head back now? The banquet is still happening.

WA2000 ...Alright.
But now I have to avoid that person... How bothersome.

Commander Try to endure it.
We can relax at the base party after this banquet.

WA2000 I'm not really interested in that party...
I don't think I'll go if I'm too tired after this.

Commander It's a party for you guys, so do whatever you wish.
But still, it's a rare opportunity to relax and have some fun. Are you really not going?

WA2000 ...Seeing as how you stepped up to help me with the problem earlier, I guess dropping by wouldn't be out of the question.
I'll consider it.

Night of the anniversary.
I see WA2000 in a corner of the bar at the roaring party.

Commander Good evening, WA2000.

WA2000 ...Good evening, Commander.

Commander What do you think of the party?

WA2000 It's chaotic, loud, and terrible.

Commander ...Is it really that bad?

WA2000 Of course.
There's a mic-hogging tyrant and a table-flipping drunkard...
It's loud, and my neural cloud is about to explode from the noise.
Although I expected it to be like this, this is still too crazy...

Commander But you still came.

WA2000 What? Are you not satisfied?
I only came to this awful party because of your invitation.

Commander No, I'm happy that you came.
But shouldn't you be a little more honest on this night of celebration?

WA2000 I didn't come because I wanted to celebrate!
This party is full of annoying T-Dolls and troublesome things. Having to deal with them is enough to give you a headache.
It's just... It's just that I was bored being by myself in my dorm. That's all!
I only came here so I could grab some late night snacks. Don't get the wrong idea!

Commander Alright, alright... I understand. But why not celebrate a bit anyways since you're here?

I pick up a bottle and pour two glasses of wine. I then raise my glass to WA2000.

Commander The past year has been remarkable.
Let's work hard again for the upcoming year, WA2000.

WA2000 blushes a little. She presses her lips together and raises the glass in her hand.

WA2000 You don't need to say...

Commander Then...
A toast for meeting each other.

WA2000 Cheers.

The glasses clink and I see a faint candid smile on her face.

WA2000 I will continue to assist you by your side in this new year.
So...live to enjoy every day, Commander.