M950A - "축제 시작이야!"

...A day before the anniversary banquet.

At the Griffin base.

Commander Time to check on the preparations for the anniversary banquet.
Although this wasn't my responsibility in the first place...

Kalin Ahh! I'm totally swamped!
Besides managing the daily supplies, I also have to prepare the things for the party...
And we have to take care of the preparations for the banquet as well! Miss Helian is expecting too much from us!

Kalin Commander, could you do me a favor and head over to the banquet hall?

Kalin I'm really too busy to do it myself...

Commander Although I did agree to help, but...

I look at the two large boxes placed next to the wall. Inside are decorations with the company's logo that need to be properly arranged in the banquet hall tonight.

Commander Looks like I'll have to get a helper after all.
Now then, the T-Doll with the most time to spare is...

A few minutes later.

M950A Were you looking for me, Commander?

Commander Yep, I need to you do something with me.
We need to bring these two boxes to the venue of tomorrow's banquet.

M950A Doing some heavy-lifting then? Sure.

M950A readily agrees and walks toward the two large boxes.
She grabs the handles on the boxes and easily picks them up.

Commander (She seems unexpectedly enthusiastic...)

M950A What is it, Commander?
Aren't we going?

Commander ...Ah, yes.
Let's go.

...One hour later.

At the hotel.
I finish my discussion with the hotel manager and return to the banquet hall.

Commander Sorry to keep you waiting, 950.
Um... Where's the stuff that we brought over?

M950A I've already handed them over to the staff. They said that they'll start decorating in a short while.

Commander Oh?

M950A Is something the matter?

Commander No...it's nothing. It's just that I didn't expect you to be so ethusiastic about this.
It should be your first time coming here, right? Want to check the place out?

M950A No need. I've already explored the place while you were away.
Besides, I'll be here again tomorrow.

Commander Oh, that's right, I forgot that your name is on the guest list for the banquet.

M950A By the way, Commander...

M950A hesitates for a bit. I follow her line of sight and see a small stage on one side of the hall. She seems to be particularly fixated on the microphone in the middle of the stage.

M950A Can I ask you a question?

Commander What is it?

M950A Was a band hired for tomorrow's banquet?

Commander There should be.

M950A I see... Perhaps the banquet tomorrow will be more interesting than I thought.

Commander Are you interested in the band?

M950A I suppose you could say that.
If there's gonna a band, then perhaps...

Commander Perhaps?

M950A ...Nevermind.
Let's go, Commander.

(M950A seems to be hiding something... I'll find a chance to ask her about it tomorrow.)

The next day.

During the anniversary banquet.

Commander Phew... Even I'm feeling a bit tired at such an occasion.
Let me find a quiet spot and take a rest...

As I make my way across the banquet hall, I see the small stage from yesterday.
Right now, the indoor band is performing a soothing melody that complements the banquet's atmosphere.

Commander Come to think of it...I haven't seen M950A since the banquet started.
Let me go look for her.

...Ten minutes later.

Commander Looks like she's not in the banquet hall.
Hmm, she seemed very interested in that microphone yesterday...

I leave the banquet hall after asking a staff member a few questions.

In the hotel's storage room.

M950A Socket... Socket...
I don't see any here... How about...

Commander M950A, what're you doing here?

M950A Ah! Commander... Why are you here?!

Commander To look for you, of course.
...What are you doing with that microphone?

M950A Err...I-I-I'm...
I'm looking for a power socket!

Commander Huh?

M950A I wanted to try the microphone here...

Commander What for?

M950A The banquet was a bit boring, so I wanted to pass some time here...
I'll return before the banquet ends!

Commander That's no good, you can't use the facilities in the hotel without permission.
Not to mention, the banquet is still going on...so you can't make any weird noises.

M950A We're pretty far away from the main hall, so it should be fine, right?

Commander That's not the problem here, 950...
This is a very important event for the company, so let's do our best ensure its success, okay?
Besides, I'm sure you know that not every T-Doll had the opportunity to be invited.

M950A ...I understand, Commander.
I'm sorry. It's just that the banquet isn't what I expected it to be, so I...don't know what I could do there.

Commander Did you want to...sing on that stage?

M950A Yeah... I'm actually not very good at socializing...
To me, it's easier to get people's attention by singing.
I originally thought that I would have a chance to sing here, but I guess not...
But then again...a T-Doll wouldn't be allowed to sing on a banquet like this in the first place anyway.

Commander Is that so...
Your wish might come true later tonight, though.

M950A Huh?

Commander There will be a special party after the banquet ends.
You can do whatever you want to your heart's content there tonight.

M950A Alright...
Looks like I can't miss the party tonight.

After that, I return to the banquet hall with M950A.

The night of the anniversary celebration.

The party is coming to an end, and the booming café is starting to quiet down.

M950A ...It's time.

M950A rises from her seat in the corner.
She steps across several T-Dolls snoring on the floor and heads straight towards the stage that was set up just for her. At least she herself thinks so.

M950A ...Okay, no problems with the microphone and the speakers.

M950A fiddles with the music player and the soothing melody is replaced by a dynamic rhythm.

M950A Everyone!
This night of yours, are you calling it quits already?!

The T-Dolls turn their heads to look at M950A.
Welcoming the gazes of the crowd, she lifts her head with confidence and grabs onto the microphone in front of her.

M950A Listen to my song!

M950A begins to sing.
Some drunken T-Dolls are awakened by her passionate singing.

Mosin-Nagant Ugh...hit me...hit me with another one! 416!

416 Heh...you think I...I'd lose to you?
No matter the circumstances...I'll always...be the best!

Mosin-Nagant Then let's continue...

416 I...I'm game...
Where's the booze? Get me some booze!

WA2000 ...You guys! Drink all you want, but don't start flipping tables!

M950A That's right, just like this...
Enjoy this wondrous night with my singing!

WA2000 This is too much!
Argh... You're being too loud!
Someone stop them!

Skorpion That looks like fun! I want to sing too!
M950A! Let me sing too!

M950A This is MY stage, I'm not giving it away that easily!

Skorpion So stingy... Then, I'll just have to take it by force!

In the midst of M950A's singing, the waning party came back to life.

Springfield Should we stop them, Commander?

Commander Let them enjoy themselves tonight...as long as they don't cause too much damage.

I look towards M950A. She is fighting for the microphone with several other T-Dolls while singing a song that belongs just to her.

Commander Besides...
It's pretty nice to appreciate the magic brought about through singing from time to time, don't you think?